Women League

The Women’s League is constituted by female members of the Party who subscribe to the League and concern itself with matters, issues, and programs affecting women and children in Kenya and generally and all such other matters as the Women League and the Party may decide.

Interim Committee. 

Chair Ms.Cynthia Mutere
Chair Women League: Ms.Cynthia Mutere
  1. MS. Margaret Odanga – Deputy Chair                 
  2. MS. Khadijah Mustafa – Secretary-General 
  3. MS. Elizabeth Nyambura – Deputy SG
  4. MS. Rosemary Ogutu – Organizing Secretary
  5. MS. Joan Lutukai Deputy Organizing Secretary 
  6. MS. Edith Shitanda – Treasurer 
  7. MS. Wilbroda Shinanda – Sec Publicity & Media Relations 
  8. MS. Florence Namachanja – Sec County Coordination 
  9. MS. Margaret Sabina Wanjala – Deputy Sec County Coordination 

Events Gallery.