Transport & Communication

There is no meaningful transport policy in the country. The public is at the mercy of expensive uncoordinated private transport operators. The upsurge of Boda Boda and Tuk-tuk transport are not yet a better solution to public transport.

Coastal and inland ports require expansion and upgrading to attract investment in water transport and tourism.

The Airports Authority must do more to march demand for local flights to ease traffic congestion on highways.

Not only is The Railway Authority behind schedule in monopolizing freight of heavy cargo but has also dragged on trams and fast underground train passenger services.

Poor categorization and situating of urban centers on basis of specialized service delivery has messed up urban development.

Inevitably the sum total of this mess is growth of congested cities with archaic and dilapidated infrastructure.

FORD-K will clean mess by:

  • Re-plan urban developments to respond to County needs
  • Build super-highways to up-grade road network
  • Increase sea-ports to increase landing of sea cargo
  • Modernize and expand railway network to connect neighboring states for heavy cargo and passenger freight
  • Building Golden Gates across water channels and busy transport intersections to reduce traffic snarls
  • Divert freight of heavy cargo to railway
  • Construct modern airstrip in every County
  • Limit axle weight on highways