Trade and Industry

Trade and Industry are important activities for realizing economic growth and poverty eradication. Quality control is essential for production of high value and attractive goods. Industrial growth and expanded commercial activities earn revenue and deals with unemployment.

Good laws harmonize labor relations and strengthen the industry.

Bottlenecks will be eliminated at borders to strengthen regional trade. We shall improve on principles and protocols for Regional, Continental and International trade for Commercial advancement to stimulate economic growth.

The Party shall increase the volume of exports through:

  • Aggressive search for export markets for finished products via E-commerce
  • Strengthened quality control for standards of local products
  • Outlaw and Imposition of high penalties on counterfeit goods
  • Reduced costs of investment
  • Increased production and distribution of power at low cost
  • Rebuilding. Expanding and maintain super-infrastructure
  • Lowering the cost of telecommunications business
  • Top up of Enterprise fund to expand credit for commerce and
    rural industrialization
  • Revival/modernize collapsed industries
  • Set up of County Enterprise and Skills Training Institutes to capacity build prospective investors
  • Mainstreaming the Mining Industry
  • Addressing of negative effects of Liberalization in the industry
  • Creating a positive platform for healthy dialogue between workers and employers
  • Cultivation of good relations with neighboring countries