Land, Water, Environment

As basic means of livelihood, our land and environment are mismanaged and degraded. The natural supply of essentials such as fresh air, sufficient clean water, soil fertility, and forest cover is reducing daily.

Population growth, competing livelihoods and degradation are exhausting nature.

Water is life but degradation of catchments pollution makes it an endangered species. Same thing applies to air and the entire environment.

Therefore, the urgency to replenish and conserve the environment to give essential supplies to life cannot be overstated.

FORD-K shall conserve our land and replenish the environment through:

  • Outlawing scramble for remaining portions of land
  • Emergency conservation programs to rehabilitate wasted and degraded landscapes
  • Enactment of policies for fair land allocation and scientific
    utilization of settlements
  • Recovery and conservation of grabbed state land
  • Balanced settlements and natural sanctuaries to reduce conflict between man and wildlife.
  • Re-designing and construction of drainage systems for easy and hygienic flow of all surface and underground waste matter
  • Processing and recycling all forms of waste matter
  • Construction of water pans, dams and underground storages for
    harvesting rainwater for irrigation and domestic use
  • Desalination of coastal and inland salty water storages for
    irrigation and domestic use
  • Supply of clean safe water for domestic and industrial use
  • Legislate stiff penalties for environmental pollution
  • Establishment of a permanent Land, Water, and Environmental Commissions to conserve and replenish the environment