Human Resource Development

Unemployment among the Youth and older persons is a universal problem. It is a factor for insecurity and cause for indexing poverty ratings.

FORD-KENYA will tackle the problem by:

  • Providing quality education at all levels of learning for production of expert and highly marketable products
  • Establishing an Ethics and Professional Commission to mainstream career, database, standards and talents
    development in schools and the field.
  • Expanding quality centers for skills Training and support for school leavers to provide serious opportunities for self-employment
  • Deflating and stabilizing the economy for the predictable climate to attract private investments in commerce and industry
  • Giving tax incentives to companies with motivating Youth friendly Apprentice policies
  • Lowering tax for labor-intensive investments in Kenya
  • Raising retirement age
  • Increasing expenditure on development of infrastructure to attract investment
  • Increasing partnerships on skills training between learning institutions and the vibrant private sectors
  • Developing policy for exportation of both skilled and unskilled labor abroad based on external jobs surveys on opportunities for decent employment