Descent shelter is a basic right for a decent life. Prevalent slums in urban areas and scattered shanties in rural settlements paint a sad story in our Housing sector.

Rural-Urban migration has by far surpassed pace of housing in urban areas. Prohibitive house rents and rising inflation are catalyzing the growth of slums to house majority urban poor.

Urgent intervention measures are required to transform urban centers into descent cities and megacities.

A policy to improve rural housing is necessary to guide construction of decent family units.

FORD –K shall, therefore, improve housing situation in the country through:

  • Creation of a National Housing Authority to liaise with city and County governments to draft attractive policies for City re-planning and rural-urban housing development
  • The National Housing Authority shall avail to public approved plans for a wide range of cheap descent structures and standards for deviation for rural and urban housing development
  • Establishment and observation of basic principles for city development
  • Observation of National Policy on land acquisition/disposal and development
  • Provide progressive guidelines for private estate development and leasing
  • Revision of Tenant purchase and Mortgage policies to be user-friendly
  • Floating sufficient loans for housing development in the Capital market
  • Harmonization of existing Leases for County and urban land with National Land Policy
  • Partnership with relevant Ministries and development partners to provide modern infrastructure in rural and urban housing development
  • Legislation to make compulsory the observation of basic laws on safety, water, and energy conservation in construction of buildings
  • Provision of tax incentives to investors in Mortgage and Tenant Purchase schemes
  • Arrangements to lower the cost of building materials