Health and Sanitation

Healthcare is an important government function in governance. A healthy population is wealth for a country.
Quick and affordable access to maternal and child health care is a must.

Both public and private health providers must offer quality services. Counterfeit drugs will be outlawed.

The National Insurance Fund (NHIF) shall be transformed into an affordable scheme of health for all.

The condition of medical centers shall be upgraded and scheme of service for medical staff improved to boost morale and the enhancement of professional ethics in service provision.

Corruption shall not be tolerated

FORD-K Will therefore:

  • Transfer the curative and management roles to NHIF
  • Use the Ministry of Health to set quality controls in pharmaceutical
    industry, the procurement of medical supplies for hospitals and the outturn of professional and ethical personnel
  • Maternity and child care units are separated from general hospitals to curb spread of contagious diseases form in/outpatients
  • Support faith-based hospitals on population density and poverty index
  • Decentralize National Referral Center to Counties to reduce congestion
  • Compel County Governments to provide medical services
  • Create separate and specialized evacuation services with ground, water, and airlift equipment
  • Provide free vaccines to all and anti-retroviral to HIV/AIDS patients