Gender Parity

Gender parity is a National value. How to Empower Women, the Youth, People with Disabilities, the Marginalized and Minorities to fully participate in decision making is now the issue.

Substantive gains for these Constituencies in the new Constitution must not only be protected but also be seen to be enjoyed through Affirmative Action in all shortfalls.


Our Women must heroically cross all custom barriers and biases into socio-economic and political leadership through:

  • Affirmative action to close the historic gap of discrimination
  • Harsh penalties for perpetrators of gender discrimination hang-over
  • Up-grading of Educational and Med-care institutions to enhance the health, intellectual capacity and family values amongst the women.


As today’s leaders, the energetic and zealous youth shall be motivated to occupy their leadership space in society through elections and appointments.

They must fully participate in the implementation of the new Constitution to be custodians of their own gains and watch-dogs of national interests.

Socio-political education and spiritual values shall be imparted in childhood education to mainstream leadership values and integrity.

To assert constructive influence, the youth shall:

  • Lead in the propagation of National values, Leadership and Integrity
  • Participate in the formulation of electoral laws
  • Lead in the marketing of the Electoral Code of Conduct
  • Lead in campaigns against drug trafficking, addiction and the scorch of HIV AIDS pandemic
  • Lead in the resolution of institutional and political violence
  • Be documented as citizens and voters faster than ever before
  • Receive free medical examinations
  • Compete for elective and appointive posts
  • Use the Ministry of Youth Affairs to develop and enhance their national agenda
  • Participate in solution finding for unemployment
  • Access Higher education loans to advance learning
  • Have a platform in state-owned media to articulate national agenda
  • Make own proposals distribution of Youth Fund for enterprise development.

Senior Citizens

Senior citizens are a heritage and national data bank. They require Welfare schemes for protection against vagaries of old age and marginalization in their sunset season.

The party will undertake the following measures to improve their livelihood:

  • Encourage citizens to join Pension schemes as early as possible to save make adequate savings for old age
  • Pension schemes to pay monthly interest on each saving to encourage deposits
  • Revise monthly retirement benefits upwards to march inflation
  • Raise retirement age upwards
  • Build Homes for the aged in every County
  • Give preferential access to basic services

People with Disabilities

Our People with Disabilities have suffered untold injustice for a long time. Kenya alone has Three Thousand (3,000) out of Six Hundred Thousand and Fifty people (650,000) worldwide.

We support the Rights and Dignity of People with Disabilities and Kenya is the 27th.Signatory to International Law on Disability Rights. We shall take the provisions of this law a notch higher for implementation by the United Nations through:

  • Appointing People with Disabilities to Ministry of Gender and the United Nations to popularize the International Law on Disability Rights
  • Creation of a UN Agency to address the plight of people with Disabilities
  • Enactment of friendly Labor Laws for the group
  • Up-grading and expansion of specialized facilities for physical and intellectual empowerment
  • Enactment of Law compelling construction of friendly facilities for group
  • Social integration to make them serious partners in the development of Kenya
  • Establishment of a permanent Commission on Rights and Dignity for People with Disabilities.