Power outages in Kenya are still an issue of great concern to consumers and prospective investors. The high cost for unit consumption is another major problem. Rural electrification has not spread to desired levels due to poverty and the prohibitive costs.

However, power is an essential utility and must available widely and cheaply.

The Remote Sensing and Surveys shall be done to establish GeoThermal, Solar and Wind power potentials Nuclear Power will be an option in the event the above alternatives and regional supplements won’t suffice.

FORD-K will confront power shortage through the following strategies:

  • Conservation and replenishment of catchments for assured precipitations, surface and underground flows to replenish existing dams
  • Exploitation of established Geo-thermal locations to supplement Hydro-power supplies
  • Increase Mini-hydro-power generation on major rivers in Kenya
  • National and Private Construction of Solar stations for electricity supply
  • Construction of Wind Turbines in suitable areas to generate electricity
  • Availing full data for progressive County electric demands
  • Install Standby Generators in every County for Thermal power
  • Develop modules for Nuclear generation