Every Kenyan has a right to formal education. Quality Primary Education will be free and compulsory. Higher education shall be subsidized and with loans for all. We shall review the current education system for value addition and make it responsive to social needs. A balance will be set between classic and vocational training based on progressive global standards. The system shall produce international scholars besides fixing joblessness in society. FORD-K shall achieve this through:

  • Rationalized teacher/ pupil ratio
  • Upgrading of learning facilities in schools
  • Deployment and refreshment of all trained teachers
  • Internship programs between schools and the private sector for
    pupil motivation and career development
  • Early impartation of National values and Principles on Leadership
    and Integrity to curb moral decadence and juvenile delinquency.
  • Implement the Children’s Act
  • Upgrade Nomadic schools and feeding program in Pastoral areas
  • Revive, Up-grade and spread out skills Training center
  • Provision of incentives for attracting and keeping more girl and boy child at school.