Domestic & Foreign Policy

Africa is still struggling to shake off negative effects of historic wars and conflicts. Piracy on the Indian Ocean and the Red Sea is fueling hostilities and complicating international relations. Political revolution in the Arab League and incessant civil strife in some neighboring countries is similarly disrupting our existing Domestic and Foreign Policies.

The effects of 2008 Post Election Violence (PEV) are still big domestic headache internationally.
Worse still is the stealthy dumping of Nuclear Waste in the region by
some Development Partners.

Introduction of Genetically Modified Foods (GMO) in the drought-ravaged world is chilling international co-operation.

The Party shall level this rocky terrain by:

  • Enhancing democratic principles and practices to respect rule of law and the will of Citizens in electoral and Governance systems
  • Pro-active peace-building and peace-making consistent with challenging Socio-Political and Economic realities of the day.
  • Signing clean economic agreements with partners
  • Consolidating fundamental principles of freedom, equality, Peace, justice, and sovereignty in global Governance systems
  • Making Kenya a safe, stable and attractive tourist destination.
  • Promoting national, regional, continental and International Peace and Unity
  • Participating in Humanitarian interventions in Conflict and Disaster ravaged regions
  • Using our Diplomatic contacts to expand Kenya’s commercial interests