Agriculture, Food Policy, Livestock & Fisheries Development

Food security is a serious concern for Kenya which is further undermined by high population growth, rampant poverty, the HIV/AIDS pandemic, poor markets for farm produce and the threat of
competition from regional markets.

FORD-KENYA shall strive to transform this sector and build long-term stocks of quality food reserves on a regional basis to deal with threats of famine. Our food and cash crop production strategy will also address food scarcity in the region and elsewhere.

We will put in place more informed, well-balanced policies that ensure the sustainability of farm enterprises and the emergence of transparent and more predictable markets that are competitive enough for all the
players in the sectors.

We shall transform systems of quality and quantity production in Agriculture, livestock, and Fisheries through:

  • Specialized means based on scientific classification of soils to redetermine crop suitability
  • Use of certified quality seed and other farm inputs
  • Widespread use of professional extension services
  • Fair market systems
  • Incentives for commercial productions
  • Dispersed and serviceable storage facilities for cash and subsistence produce
  • Improved transport and communications networks
  • Transformation of all agro-based firms into support/conveying systems for Agriculture, Livestock and Fisheries industries
  • Electrification of the rural areas to attract investment
  • Survey of export markets for sectoral produce to earn foreign exchange
  • Streamlining of the land distribution policy to balance settlements and natural habitats
  • Research in organic large-scale production systems
  • Amelioration of negative impacts of regional cooperation on the sector
  • The transformation of the Agricultural, Livestock, and Fisheries policies into a major poverty alleviation strategy in the country